Staying Safe on the Water: Five Boat Maintenance Services You Need Before Your Next Voyage

Florida is all about having fun on the water! With summer break quickly coming to an end, people across the state are looking for one more trip out into open waters. Whether you’re going out for a fishing trip with the guys or hosting friends on your yacht, staying safe and being prepared is vital to preventing tragedy on the water. Unlike on land, if your vessel runs into an issue while at sea, getting help can be incredibly difficult.  

Before you embark on your next trip into open waters, make sure your vessel is up to Coast Guard code with these five maintenance services. 

Oil Change 

Boats, yachts, and ships have more in common with the average car than you may think. Just as you need to regularly check and change your oil in your car, it’s important to do the same for your boat. Their engines work on the same basic principle, so keeping oil levels at an adequate point and pumping through your engine properly can be the difference between a fun day on the waves and getting stranded. While you may be able to do your own oil change for your car, leave your boat’s oil change to the professionals at Pantropic. 

Engine Tune-Up 

On a similar note, keeping your engine well maintained is vital, especially for larger ships and yachts. The strain and stress of propelling your vessel across the water will eventually cause wear and tear on your engine’s parts. Additionally, you run the risk of developing salt water damage if your vessel is not thoroughly cleaned after use.  

Pantropic Power offers marine engine service in Miami. We can run a full diagnostic to find any existing problems and our basic maintenance services help to prevent future issues. 

Electrical Equipment Check Up 

Your boat relies on quite a bit of electrical equipment, and even one malfunctioning piece can be an issue if discovered at sea. From GPS systems to improper grounding, it’s important to ensure all electrical equipment both works and is safe for use. Exposed wires can very quickly lead to accidental fire or electrocution on the water. 

Bottom Treating 

Over time, the ocean’s water can cause paints to flake away or dissolve, exposing the metal beneath to rush and risks of corrosion. Because the bottom of your boat is fully submerged, seeing the signs of these issues while on the water is impossible. However, you don’t want to risk springing a leak because of an unforeseen weak spot.  

Getting your bottom treated includes thorough cleaning, resealing and a protective coat of paint that contains zinc, which protects the bottom of your vessel from damage. Don’t wait until you see signs of rust or corrosion! By that point, it’s already too late; you’re in need of repairs rather than much cheaper preventive services. 

Emergency System Check 

While we help you never need to use it, being sure your emergency system is fully functional is perhaps the most vital part of marine servicing in Miami. You don’t want to find yourself unable to contact anyone for help when you’re in serious need. Be sure your vessel is fully stocked with enough life vests for everyone, as well as keeping a fully stocked first aid kit in a secured area. Manual emergency flares are also a great idea, just in case your electrical system fails. 

Looking for marine service in Miami? Contact Pantropic Power today for more information about how we can help!