CAT Power South Florida
Save Money with a Generator Service in Fort Lauderdale

Make sure your generator is running correctly with Pantropic power on your side. We offer our clients with the experience to fix any integrated power system to its full potential. We can help you manage your use of electrical energy so you can reduce your dependency on electrical utility. We are South Florida’s number one exclusive dealer of CAT Power Systems and we can service your generator in areas including controls, monitoring, switchgear, and automatic transfer switches. If you want to maintain your generator in Fort Lauderdale, we can help.

With every generator sold, we specialize in keeping them up to par with your expectations. CAT is known to be a reliable product and we stand behind them with our professional staff. Whether you are keeping up with your Electric Power Generator, Diesel Generator Sets, Gas Generator Sets, and Rental Power, we can assist regardless of the problem you are experiencing. By getting your generator serviced in Fort Lauderdale you could be saving yourself money in more than one way.

  • Using a generator is helpful to reducing your energy usage and cost. You are simultaneously saving the planet and your bank account.
  • You have a reliable emergency backup when you need it. A loss of power could cost you an immense amount of money depending on if you are using your generator for your business in Fort Lauderdale. If you lose power, you could be losing business for a day, week, or longer.
  • Getting your generator serviced can help you avoid bigger problems in the future. By making sure your generator is in a good working condition, you can enjoy uninterruptible power at any time.

Pantropic Power has your best interest at heart when we are servicing your generator. If there are any problems we encounter during your service, we will keep you aware of the best options for you. Contact us at (305) 592-4944 for any of your generator service needs.